Test Equipment

Fiber Test Equipment

XL Pocket MM 9000 Testing Kit


Typical Applications

  • Optical power measurement from +10 ~ -40 dBm, calibrations at 9 wavelengths.
  • Optical loss testing on single mode fiber at 1300 nm with a range of 28 dB.
  • Optical loss testing on multimode fiber 850 / 1300 nm with a range of 50 dB, standards compliant.
  • Software for cable testing data capture, pass/fail and custom reporting (manual data entry).
  • 12 Multi-Fiber ID fiber continuity / tone source & detection up to 40 dB loss using tone features on the source and meter.
  • Low to modest test volume on multimode systems, with some single-mode capability.
  • Kit and options generally meet current regulations & standards for safety & test methods.

Features & Benefits

Standard Kit Equipment

✓ Light Source: The KI-9812A LED Light Source is ideal for testing multimode or short range single mode systems. It provide a choice of single or dual wavelength 850 / 1300 nm LEDS, high accuracy and simplicity of use. The light source has an economical built-in mode controller, which greatly improves measurement consistency compared to conventional LED sources. It comes with an SC interchangeable connector and mandrel wraps for 50 and 62.5 u core fiber.

✓ Power Meter: The KI 9600XL-Ge5 Pocket Fiber Meter is a simple and reliable power meter recommended for testing fiber optic systems where a large area detector is required. This meter is commonly used for measuring up to 3 mm core diameter POF / PCS / HCS fiber, MTRJ connectors, and MPO / MP / MTPTM ribbon fiber connectors up to 72 fibers. Typical application areas include Audio, Profibus, industrial, LAN and Telecom. Industry standard screw-on adaptors are available for a wide variety of optical connectors. Please remember to order connector adaptors separately as no adaptors are included.

✓ Carrying Case(s): Pocket padded pouch, splash resistant cloth outer covering with zipper, carry strap. Some space for additional (not supplied): batteries, connector adaptors, additional documentation. Each pouch can accommodate any two KI9000 style instruments. (OPT156)

Optional Items

  • Power Meter Adaptors: SC, ST, SMA, FC, Bionic, D4, LSA/DIN47256, Diamond 3.5mm Threaded, EC, MU, MTRJ, 1.25mm Universal, 2.5mm Universal, LC Simplex, MPT/MPO, Multipurpose Adapter for Mini Toslink/POF/HFBR Series, Toslink/Optilink/SPDIF (Pictures outlined in order below)