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Rack Mount Spectrum Analyzer


The DS8831H is the versatile rack mount version of our QAM/Spectrum analyzer series. The DS8831H provides identical performance characteristics as our DS8831Q portable version, at a more competitive price. It is ideal for remote head end or hub applications where access is impractical.

Features & Benefits

  • Perfect companion to the "KingStone" CATV monitoring  system (DS1610 - DS1616)
  • High-performance rack mount spectrum analyzer with up to 1 GHz frequency range
  • Quickly troubleshoot and repair problems by remotely identifying impairments and detecting interference
  • Remotely configure and perform tests anywhere, anytime, through any web browser
  • Convenient data storage and instrument upgrade through USB
  • Validate components with tracking generator
  • Compatible with WebSA POP software, allowing connection with up to 1,024 different RF test points (with NO loss of level)