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MA5636 Fiber Tools


XL fiberTOOLS™ Series

Instruments Designed for Fiber Optic Cable Testing.

The XL fiberTOOLS™ are designed for the professional to perform installation and maintenance measurements on fiber optic cabling networks. The instrument family consists of individual devices (optical power meters, 850/1300nm LED sources, 1310/1550nm Laser sources, Visual Fault Locator) and complete Insertion Loss Test Sets. The XL fiberTOOLS™ are designed to accurately measure optical power levels and link loss on multimode and single-mode cabling networks. These full feature general purpose fiber optic instruments are easy to operate and economically priced to outfit all technicians performing fiber optic installation and maintenance.

Product List:

  • 560XL - Fiber Optic Power Meter
  • 567XL - Silicon Fiber Optic Power Meter
  • 568XL - High Intensity Optic Power Meter
  • 570XL - 850/1300nm LED Source
  • 580XL - 1310/1550nm Laser Source
  • 573XL - 650nm LED Source for Large Core Plastic and Glass Fiber
  • 577XL M90 - 850nm LED Source with M90 Launch Condition using 62.5/125 Fiber
  • 577XL AS100 - 850nm LED Source with AS-100 Launch Condition using 100/140 Fiber
  • 5670XL - Multimode Fiber Optic Test Set
  • 5680XL - Singlemode Fiber Optic Test Set
  • 5890XL - Multimode and Singlemode Fiber Optic Test Set
  • 170XL - Visual Fault Finder
  • 510XL - SensoLITE™ Light Detector, Snap On Connector (SOC) for Fiber Optic Power Meter, Universal Connector Interface (UCI) for 577XL family

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Features & Benefits

  • Easy to use - three buttons control all functions
  • Long battery life
  • Loss measurements in (dB); power measurements in (dBm)
  • 0.01dB measurement resolution
  • Snap on connector interface adapts to FC, SC and ST connectors. Contact Greenlee for other available adapters.
  • User selectable auto shut-off
  • Rugged and splash-proof
  • Economically priced