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Digital TV Spectrum Analyzer DS2830 Series


Featuring the latest technology, the DS2831 affords outstanding performance to the CATV engineer. Its RF features are based on a portable and true spectrum analyzer with 80dB of dynamic range, detecting impairments before it affects the customer. A host of new applications help HE/HUB and field engineers perform in-service measurements and locate interference. The in-service upstream persistence mode (any frequency band, max span 206 MHz) reveals interference under bursty signalling.

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Features & Benefits

  • Fast Spectrum Analyzer: detect and troubleshoot ingress with exceptional sensitivity of -60dBmV @ 300KHz RBW.
  • Color-Coded Persistence Test: find transient noise hiding under upstream bursty signaling, without disrupting service
  • MER Measurement: up to 47 dB MER with 48 hours of statistical recording with 1 second resolution
  • Analog TV and SC-QAM: troubleshoot typical analog interference and distortions as well as SC-QAM performance
  • Time-Domain EVS Measurements: uncover interference from LTE signals under downstream QAM carriers with no service  interruptions
  • Performance: Characterize OFDM carrier performance and DOCSIS 3.1 cable modem performance
  • 7” Capacitive Touchscreen: with excellent touch response and 7 hours of operating time