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7000B Series Automated Variable Optical Attenuator


The KI 7000B series Automated Variable Optical Attenuator is an easy to use instrument for testing optical transmission equipment. It combines superb accuracy with high productivity and numerous useful attributes, resulting in a very versatile instrument.

Instrument versions are available for single- mode, multi-mode and POF fiber types.

Optical Communications Test Applications:

  • Field
  • Handheld
  • Bench
  • Embedded
  • Temporary Transmission Pad

Features & Benefits

  • Compact, rugged & light weight
  • Multiple user defined sequences
  • Remote control PC software
  • Up to 4 calibrated wavelengths
  • High absolute accuracy
  • Low wavelength sensitivity
  • High optical power capability
  • Good ORL, PDL & PMD performance
  • Interchangeable connectors
  • Sunlight readable display
  • Long battery life & External Power
  • 3 years Calibration Cycle
  • 3 ~ 7 years warranty
  • Made in Australia