Test Equipment

Fiber Test Equipment

6171 Series Optical Fiber Identifier


The Kingfisher Optical Fiber Identifier is a craft tool used during installation and maintenance of fiber optic systems. These reliable instruments are easy to use and will enhance the performance of your staff.

Optical Communications Test Applications:

  • Positive identification of fibers carrying traffic
  • Positive identification of fibers carrying a test tone
  • Approximate indication of optical power level
  • Continuity testing of unterminated fibers
  • Find mid-span point loss using power display

Features & Benefits

  • Very easy to operate.
  • Thumb lock for consistency & hands free operation
  • 4 easy-change chucks for: bare fiber, patch cords & ribbon fiber
  • Identifies 3 common test tones
  • Identifies dominant traffic direction, audible alarm
  • Approximate core power reading
  • Low false detection & insertion loss
  • Slide-on compartment for chuck storage
  • AAA size batteries
  • 1 year warranty