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LEON™ - Sine Wave Standby Power Supplies - LBUPS-300-L120


Lindsay’s LBUPS-300-L120 sine wave standby power supplies are designed to be the most reliable and efficient power solutions for their target applications. They offer high reliability which lowers costs and improves ROI.

Features & Benefits

  • Compact, lightweight & ideal uninterruptable power supply solution for outdoor cable & broadband powering applications
  • Line-interactive technology provides a microprocessor regulated AC sine wave 300 VA maximum output
  • Input power factor: > 0.90
  • Integrated surge protection
  • Input & output short circuit protection
  • Field-selectable 63 or 89 VAC output voltage
  • One single 12 V VRLA SMF battery configuration reduces cost of ownership & maintenance
  • Provides seamless transition to standby power when the line verification system determines unacceptable utility power conditions
  • Intelligent battery management system with programmable temperature compensation extends battery service life
  • Programmable bulk, absorption & float mode 3-stage battery charging
  • Programmable battery cut-off voltage down to 10.5 VDC
  • > 90% efficient inverter design extends standby mode run-time
  • Hot-swappable inverter module
  • 3.2” (8.1 cm) color touch screen display provides intuitive user interface for power supply configuration set-up & operating status monitoring
  • Monitoring parameters include: Input & output voltages & currents, battery voltage & current (either charge or discharge), enclosure ambient & battery temperatures & logs such as runtime & battery installation date, etc.
  • Line, battery & alarm LEDs display operation status of the power supply at-a-glance
  • Easily accessible front panel connections
  • Anderson Powerpole® color-coded, faultproof (fit in ONE direction only) battery connectors
  • Two sets of Anderson Powerpole® output connections