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PVC Duct


Manufactured in Ontario, our Rigid PVC Duct product line is CSA approved and ideally suited for all types of outside plant installations, including concrete encased and direct burial. PVC pipe does not corrode, is resistant to most chemicals and is not affected by any corrosive soils, salts or water corrosion. The inherent properties of the duct assure an additional insulation barrier to minimize power loss, external interference and are self-extinguishing.

The PVC duct is available in two types:

Rigid PVC (non-plasticized heavy wall)

  • Available from 1⁄2” to 4” diameters stocked in 10 foot lengths (20 foot lengths available upon request)
  • Rigid PVC is manufactured to meet or exceed CSA – C22.2 No.211.2

DB2 PVC (Polymeric PVC)

  • Available from 2” to 6” diameters in 10 foot or 20 foot lengths. 3” and 4” also available in split pipe.
  • DB2 PVC is manufactured to meet or exceed CSA – C22.2 No.211.1

Features & Benefits

  • Manufactured with an integrated Bell End
  • Smooth wall interior for easy pulling
  • Outstanding long term protection from shifting ground, high impact and deformation properties
  • Engineered with UV protection for aerial/lashed placement