Outside Plant Solutions


Marker Discs


Disk Markers provide an easy and accurate method of precisely locating flush-mounted facilities, which can become covered by backfill, snow or ice. The four-inch disk marker is easily fastened to the underside of non-metallic covers of hand holes/vaults either during construction and maintenance.

Disk markers are easily and accurately located using a Locator. The locator transmits a signal to the buried marker. The marker returns the signal to the locator, indicating the marker’s exact position. The electronic locator gives both a visual reading and an audible tone.

Note: Disk Markers are not intended for direct burial.

Features & Benefits

  • Accurate even in congested areas to help eliminate miss-locates
  • Durable and long lasting passive antenna encased in waterproof shell
  • Frequency and color-coded to help specify Communications or Telephone
  • Easy to use and install – minimal training needed for locating
  • RFiD capability for positive identification