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FTTX Outdoor 8 Drop Fiber Distribution Box


Connect’s Fiber Optic Dome Splice Closure Series is made of rugged, environmentally-resistant molded plastic and utilizes silicone sealing technology which makes these optical fiber splice closures an excellent choice for applications requiring a compact and easy-to-use design for FTTX deployment in above and below ground applications (IP68). 2 round ports for entry/exit cable & 8 ports for drop cables are provided in the base.

Features & Benefits

  • Compact design, easy to install, re-enterable unit.
  • Rugged, water-proof, UV-resistant closure design.
  • Provides superior environmental protection from water, dust, insect and rodent intrusion.
  • Variety of sealing grommets made of silicone for proven water tightness are available
  • Can accommodate 8pcs of SC/APC adapters.
  • Accommodates loose buffer tube, mechanical splice and micro-splitter applications.