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FTTx Outdoor 24 Drop Fiber Distribution Box


The CF FTTx Fiber Distribution Boxes (FDB) series are outdoor plastic closures designed for patching or patching & splicing of optical fibers. They are an excellent choice for applications requiring a compact and easy-to-use design for FTTx at multiple dwelling or business units. These compact, durable, and easy to install closures offer mechanical protection for cables, splices, connectors and passive optical splitters. The product is also designed to accommodate a range of fiber counts and support factory installation of pigtails and stub cables.

Features & Benefits

  • Provides secure outdoor environmental protection from dust, insects and other contaminants
  • Complete fiber management accommodates a wide range of fiber counts and mounting applications
  • Industry standard user interface made of high impact plastic
  • UV resistant and IP54 (NEMA:3S) rated housing - designed for outdoor applications
  • Hinged structure with key lock system or 216 hex head lock
  • Integrated splice tray offers flexible splice management for individual or full splice capacity
  • Splice tray, distribution tray and splitter housing are integrated into one tray, but deploy in independent locations allowing for clear fiber routing
  • Designed to be compact and craft-friendly to lower installation costs and accelerate construction
  • All front access allows for easy maintenance and access to cables
  • Designed for wall mounting with a pole-mounting kit available
  • Accommodates PLC micro-splitters