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FOSC "Clam Shell" Closure


The CF-FOSC-060 is a compact “Clam Shell” splice closure for tight space applications. The CF-FOSC-060 can accommodate up to 60 loose tube splices, utilizing 1 to 5 Splice trays, (12) fiber splices/tray. The “Clam Shell” hinged front lid design is a preferred closure in tight pedestal installations. The CF-FOSC-060 has 7 in/out ports of different port diameters, all located on the one end of the FOSC housing. This unit comes standard with pressure test valve, and cable sealing grommets. Optional Sealing grommets are available to accommodate pigtail jumpers/drops.

Features & Benefits

  • “Clam Shell” hinged front lid design.
  • Exterior dimensions 290mm x 220mm x 105mm (11.5"L x 8.7"W x 4.2"H)
  • 7 in/out ports. 5 ports with a diameter of 8 - 15mm, 2 ports with a diameter of 6mm.
  • Pressure testing valve comes standard.
  • Optional accessories: sealing grommets for pigtail jumper/drops,
  • Available wall and pedestal mount bracket, aerial mount bracket, pole mount bracket.