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FDH 288 Fiber Distribution Outdoor LCP Cabinet


The Connect Fiber FDH-288 Series Fiber Distribution Hub FTTH outdoor cabinet is designed to provide a local convergence point (LCP) in an Outside Plant (OSP) environment. The FDH-288 cabinet houses optical splitters that propagate optical signals from the Headend or Central Office (CO) to the distribution cable network that serves fiber to the customer’s premises. The compact and modular design offers a cost-effective fiber distribution solution with ease of installation; this modular approach enables the service provider to incrementally grow fiber distribution capacity as their subscriber penetration rate increases. Cabinets can be fully factory stubbed with factory pre-connectorized distribution and feeder cables, ensuring quick, easy and reliable field installation. The cabinet provides excellent fiber management system and a skinnable exterior design which offers added protection for live subscribers and rapid emergency restoration.

Features & Benefits

  • Powder-coated, non-corrosive aluminum construction.
  • Front access door with 3-point latch and padlocked.
  • Rear access door with 3-point latch and padlocked.
  • Cabinet footprint designed for pad, pole and vault mount installation
  • Splitter slot mount bracket design to accept a variety of module sizes
  • Modular distribution patch panel (48 adapters per module)
  • 36-adapters feeder patch panel for splitter and WDM overlay modules
  • 96-adapter patch panel for parking-lot or by-pass and pass through for WDM overlay and P2P connections
  • Cabinet re-skinnable casing design to allows field replacement without breaking customer service
  • Cabinet is NEMA -4 rated for outdoor environment
  • Telcordia GR-3125, Issue 1 compliant.
  • Pre-terminated fiber stubbed configurations available