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Environmental Cabinet - Wireless Pole Mount Configuration


Fortress Environmental Cabinet Wireless Configuration is an easily deployed 3G/4G upgrade for your wireless network. Deployed throughout the system on poles, you can easily move to a 3G/4G network. The cabinet is designed to accommodate 2 Nokia radios, Power Safe SBS batteries, and Eltek Mini Pack Power system with SmartPack controller.

The AC Distribution panel has a breaker for the Mains and separate breaker for the Generator. The breakers are attached with a toggle switch that insures that both breakers cannot be on at the same time. Due to some local Hydro groups requirements there is a “Kill Switch” that will cut the AC to the Radios and will not allow the DC battery backup to power on, a Complete RF shutdown.

The venting is designed to flow around the Radios and DC rectifier, and utilizes the equipment fans. Also available is the same internal configuration in a ground mount installation format, for those areas where pole mount installation is not possible.

Features & Benefits

  • Kill Switch
  • 2000 Hour Salt Spray test
  • Compact Pole Mount