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DB2/ES2 Duct - Pipe & Fittings


Royal Building Products, Electrical Solutions manufactures a complete line of non-metallic duct pipe and fittings.

We produce two types of duct for direct burial and concrete applications for power utility primaries and secondaries, street lighting and communication distribution systems:

  • Solid Wall Duct (DB2/ES2)
  • Split Wall Duct (DB2/ES2)

Our duct products are available in 50 to 150mm (2- to 6-inch) diameters and 3- and 6-metre (10- to 20-foot) lengths with solvent weld bell ends.

Features & Benefits

  • Saves Labour: Royal Electrical Solutions Duct is simple to cut and join. No special tools are required for cutting or bending. The lighter weight also makes it easier to move and handle.
  • Easy Wire Pulls: The smooth interior surface reduces friction when pulling conductors and wires through long runs and 90° bends. A large pull-rope and wire-pulling lubricant should be used to facilitate the pulling of wires.
  • Corrosion Resistant: As a non-metallic, PVC product, there is no risk of corrosion when exposed to soil conditions, or electrochemical and galvanic environments.
  • High Tensile and Impact Strengths: Our Duct provides high tensile and impact strengths even in cold weather.
  • Direct Burial: Royal Electrical Solutions Duct can be used for direct burial, and requires no additional protection when installed according to the Canadian Electrical Code (CEC). Note: Safety guidelines should be followed with trenching and backfilling operations.
  • A Choice of Fittings: We produce a full range of quality fittings to ensure fast, reliable installations.
  • Cutting and Joining: Royal Electrical Solutions Duct can easily be cut with a hacksaw or fine-toothed hand saw. To ensure a square cut, use a mitre box or saw guide. Deburr the cut end using a knife or file.
  • Joining – Solvent Cementing: Solvent cement joins are used to connect lengths of duct and fittings. These joints are strong, permanent and leak-proof. Royal Electrical Solutions EcoVoc solvent cement should be used on all connections.