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Composite Drop Cable In Duct (CDID)


Connect Pathway Composite Drop Cable in Duct offers the benefit of pre-installed composite cable in 1/2” HDPE conduit allowing for damage free one-step installations. The Composite Drop Cable allows the combined transport technologies of both Independent Fiber Optic and RG6 Coaxial in one cable. Packaged in continuous lengths, it assists in faster installation with minimum joints. The conduit offers superior protection in all soil conditions ensuring long term stability. Pathway CDID can be installed via trenching, plowing or directional drilling. The composite drop is available with either single fiber or 2 fiber configuration. CDID duct can be produced in numerous colors and/or stripe combinations for easy identification.

Features & Benefits

  • No field installation of cables into conduit required
  • Cables are better protected from improper field handling, saving installation time and costs
  • Pre-installed composite drop cable facilitates future access to infrastructure