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ADSS Fiber Cable


Connect Fiber’s ADSS cable is an all dielectric construction of Black MDPE with Glass- reinforced Plastic (GRP) strength rods incorporated into the sheath wall for self- supporting applications.

The self-supporting ADSS Cable is specifically designed for aerial applications, as a subscriber drop cable (12 and 24 fibre) and as metropolitan area aerial network backbone (36 and 48 fibre).

Features & Benefits

  • Light weight (23-37kg) per kilometre
  • Dry loose-tube construction (1-24 fibre) with water blocking yarns
  • Cable dimensions are 7mm x 3.7mm with a fully concentric round profile.
  • Circular cross-section for use with a wide range of supporting hardware
  • Small diameter for minimum intrusion
  • Span lengths of up to 68 metres
  • Deployable near 15kV power lines
  • Ruggedized construction for wind/Ice loads
  • >2000N Crush Resistance &>1000N Tensile Strength
  • Cable sheath is manufactured from a Black MDPE polymer with excellent UV, chemical and water resistance.