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1-Way Fiber & Duct Repair Closure


The 1-Way Fiber & Duct Repair Closure is designed for quick and easy installation for 1-Way direct buried fiber and duct repair. The design enables excellent mechanical protection and is IP68 water rated. The 1-Way fiber and duct repair closure is intended to be installed in handholds or direct buried. It is re-enterable for easy re-configuration and/or repair.

The 1-Way fiber and duct repair in-line splice closure is made of a rugged, environmental resistant molded plastic and grommet seal, which makes this fiber splice closure ideal for outside plant direct buried solution. This small enclosure was designed to accommodate up to 12 fiber splices and provides superior environmental protection from water, dust, insect and rodent intrusion. Our mechanical splices and our mechanical splice patch cords are available accessory items that can quickly and easily repair the fiber without the need for fusing.

Features & Benefits

  • Fiber & duct repair splice closure system
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Re-enterable
  • Water tight IP68
  • Tracer wire Continuity Bonding hardware