EDFA with built in GPON WDM ports

Head-End Equipment

EDFA with built in GPON WDM ports


The MXA5800optical amplifier is compatible with FTTx  and built-in PON Technology. It offers a flexible and low-cost solution for RF Overlays and RFoG with GPON or XG(S)PON.

The MXA5800 has an extremely low noise figure, with integrated twin-stage amplification, the pre-amplifier adopts a low noise EDFA, and the output cascade adopts a high power EYDFA. When theinput optical power Pin=0dBm, the noise figure of the unit is: Typ ≤4.5dB, Max≤5.0dB unlike other manufactures which need higher optical power input to maintain lower noise figures.

Maxcom is a trusted and well-known manufacturer of optical amplifiers. The MXA5800 optical amplifier adopts the world’s top class pump laser and American made OFS erbium-doped optical fiber. Superb APC, ACC and ATC control, excellent design in the ventilation and heat-dissipation ensure long life and high reliability operation of the pump laser. RS232 and RJ45 offer serial communication and SNMP network management ports.

The MXA5800 LCD at the front panel offers access to all equipment indexes and warning alarms. The laser will switch off automatically if optical power is removed, which offers security andprotection of the laser. All optical ports of the optical amplifier may bein stalled on the front panel (and may also be installed in the rear panel at the customer’s request).

The MXA5800 with carrier-class reliability and network security management, high quality, high reliability and excellent cost performance is ideal for system integrators and system operators. There is an optional Dual Fiber Input feature available used for self-healing redundancy (built in 2X1 optical switch).

The MXA5800A optical amplifier is available as a 1RU chassis, total output power available up to 40dBm(10,000mW), with LC/APC, offers up to 32 optical outputs, with 32 WDM uplink(xPON) optical ports.

The MXA5800B optical amplifier is available as a 2RU chassis, total output power up to 41dBm (13,000mW), with LC/APC, offers up to 64 optical outputs, with 64 uplink (xPON) optical ports.3RU and 5RU versions are also available with up to 256 ports.

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