Head-End Equipment



The flexible express CWDM/OADM concept provides the ideal enhancement for your current fiber optic infrastructure.

It will transmit up to 16 connections of different standards, data rates or protocols over one single fiber optic link, and supports bi-directional transmissions as well. RF, Data, SDI, ASI, ATM, Fiber Channel, Gigabit Ethernet, 10Gig are supported simultaneously, without disturbing each other..

Due to its purely passive technology, the express CWDM series is well-prepared for building a fail-safe and maintenance-free backbone architecture.

The new MX-CWDM single-fiber concept in this series is especially made for the situation that only a single fiber is available for transmitting the demanded applications.

This new technology utilizes wavelengths for connecting each one channel bidirectional over one fiber optic line. A matching pair of multiplexers allows the point-to-point transmission of CWDM channels in both directions.

Customizable 4, 8, and 16 port Muxes.  Muxes are based on the Thin Film Filter (TFF) technology and operate at 20nm channel spacing ITU Grid CWDM wavelengths from 1270nm to1610nm. Maxcom provides a series of customized CWDM Mux DeMux within a 19” 1Urackmount, or optional metal LGX box.

Features & Benefits