Combo Transmitter and EDFA with built in PON WDM ports

Head-End Equipment

Combo Transmitter and EDFA with built in PON WDM ports


Integrated1550 Transmitter and EDFA Combination.

The MX-T-EDFA is a highly integrated,yet simple device specifically designed for Cable Telecommunication Systemsdeploying RFoG or RF Overlays in the FTTx environment with integrated filterssupporting GPON and/or XG(S)PON (10G). Its small size and high density make itthe ideal choice, particularly in tightly enclosed environments.

The 1RU 19” Rack Mounted Chassis can hold two modules. Each module has an integrated 1550 Transmitter and EDFA with PON ports. The modules accept a RF input and will provide up to +20 dBm optical power on each output port. Modules are available with 4, 8, or 16 output ports, plus corresponding GPON/XG(S)PON ports. To keep things simple, it is plug and play! For your convenience, an optional External LED Controller/Display may be connected via USB, a Laptop may be connected, or the unit may be attached toy our network. These connection types provide simple adjustment of the optical output power along with monitoring.

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