Coexistence Filter for RFoG, RF Overlay, GPON, XG(S)PON

Head-End Equipment

Coexistence Filter for RFoG, RF Overlay, GPON, XG(S)PON


The Maxcom Coexistence mux allows systems to offer a combination of services over single fiber FTTx architectures. These external muxes support a combination of E or GPON, XG(S)PON, RF Overlays, RFoG forward and return paths.

Standard units are manufactured into a small LGX platform, and may be customized to accommodate customer requirements. Customized configurations are available to support NG-PON2 ports or OTDR ports, contact Maxcom for available options or requirements. Transparent to incoming data, the MX coexistence mux/filter effectively increases existing cable capacity by multiplexing multiple separate wavelengths/channels over one single fiber.

The Maxcom Coexistence Mux comes standard with SC/APC, but nay be ordered with other connector types. Because it is a passive device, it requires no power. Maxcom offers very econimically priced mounting plates to allow 19″ rack mounting.

Standard Configuration:

  • Common Port
  • 1550nm Port
  • 1610nm Port
  • 1310/1490nm PON Port
  • 1270/1577nm XGSPON Port

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