CATV Fiber Optic 1550nm Transmitter

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CATV Fiber Optic 1550nm Transmitter


TheMX-T8500HC Series 1550nm High Performance Externally Modulated Optical Transmitters are a dual optical output transmitter designed for analog and digital CATV QAM signals. Maxcom’s 1550nm optical amplifiers adopt world class pump lasers and American OFS erbium-doped optical fiber components. Units provide excellent APC, ACC and ATC control, superb design in the ventilation and heat-dissipation which ensure long life and a highly reliable operation of the pump laser.

Our 1550nm externally modulated technology for the optical transmitter has no laser chirp, low dispersion distortion, and a large extinction ratio, with excellent characteristics within 40~862MHz (1000MHz available). The External Modulator does not generate CSO distortion after reasonable bias. It can be followed by an EDFA when used in a large coverage area and very-long trunk and local networks. Adopting WDM, multi-wavelength optical channels can be added and transmitted through one fiber, complimenting current developments and trends relative to triple-play and fiber to home.

The Maxcom MX-T8500HC adheres to current international industry techniques and standards. The unit’s light source occupies a narrow bandwidth ( 0.65MHz ), low noise, continuous wave DFB laser, which is propitious to reduce the influence of dispersion. The unit’s signal modulation adopts a CATV special LiNbO3 external American modulator and uses optimized control technology with independent intellectual property , thus allowing it to reach high indexes of back to back CNR ≥ 54dB, CTB ≤ -65dB, CSO≤ -65dB, SBS: 13~18dBm adjustable. Laser adopts 1548~1563nm CATV standard wavelength, dual fiber output.

The LCD at the front panel offers equipment status and warning alarms. The laser will switch off automatically if optical power is lost, which offers security protection for the laser.

When combined with EDFA optical amplifiers, such as the MX-5100, MX-5400, and MX-5800 Series, the ModelMX-T8500HC allows system operators to cost-effectively transport a full slate of wideband video and data services over very long distances, or alternatively allows them to distribute signals to many remote optical receiver/node locations, by utilizing the lower fiber attenuation characteristic of the1550nm optical window. It is also designed to operate seamlessly with optical transmitters, receivers and nodes from most leading manufacturers.

The MX-T8500HC, an advanced type externally modulated optical transmitter with high index, high reliability and excellent cost performance, is applicable for primary links and distribution network links in large and long distance CATV systems, head-end, hubs and OTN’s.


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