CATV 1310nm Fiber Optic Transmitter

Head-End Equipment

CATV 1310nm Fiber Optic Transmitter


The MX1000Tseries direct modulated transmitter delivers high performance signal transmission of NTSC, PAL, digital or compressed digital information for CATV and/or data applications. It is based upon custom high-linearity optically isolated DFB (Distributed Feedback) lasers, specifically designed for multi-channel AM video applications. Automatic output power control, coupled with temperature stabilization provided by a thermoelectric cooler ensures maximum performance and longer laser life. The units are packaged in slim1.75-inch high, 19-inch rack-mounted enclosures. Each unit is fitted with a self-contained power supply with 110 VAC input.

All internal laser parameters and monitoring functions are under microprocessor control: the front panel VFD displays select information related to laser operation. Alarm relay contacts in the back of the units provide remote warning in the case of a disabled transmitter.

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