Amphenol C2X Chassis

Rack Mount Fiber Management

Amphenol C2X Chassis


The Amphenol C2X chassis is a streamlinked bulkhead solution capable of depolying the C2X Advanced Optical Modules (AOMs). Available in multiple configurations to use as patch, patch/splice, pre-termnated or modularly depolyed in any mix of the C2 AOMs. The C2X chassis can provide up to 432 LC connections in a 4RU panel. Answering today's connectivity needs, the C2X is a robust interconnect or cross-connect solution for any part of the network. This panel is adaptable to support the user with the answer to any network questions or demands. C2X cable management features support and organize fiber as it exits the chassis. The design promotes proper bend radius for fiber up to 3.0 mm, as well as any boot type.

Features & Benefits

Adaptable to use in any location

  • Mountable in 19" or 23" racks or cabinets
  • Capable of deploying all LC or all MPO, up to 3.0 fiber and long boot adapters
  • Fully removable front fiber management bezel

Scalable for migration to 40G, 100G and beyond

  • Grow as you go: chassis available separately from modules
  • Available in 1RU, 2RU, 3RU, and 4RU chassis options
  • Clamping options available for IFC/OSP fiber


  • Diverse modular offing via the C2X AOM product line
  • Capable of deploying base 8 or base 12 connectivity
  • Configured as pre-terminated, patch/splice, patch only, or empty