144F Fiber Distribution Cabinet Indoor Wall Mount

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144F Fiber Distribution Cabinet Indoor Wall Mount


The CF Fiber Distribution Hub (FDH) indoor wall mount cabinet is designed to organize and manage fiber optic cables and passive optical splitters in an inside plant environment typically found at the Multiple Dwelling Unit (MDU). This cabinet is used to connect feeder and distribution cables via optical splitters in a Fiber-to-the-Premise network application. This cabinet provides a splice, patch and splitter interconnection interface at the MDU.

The CF-FDH is capable of managing up to 144 fiber distribution riser or horizontal MDUs environment. The cabinet is loaded with industry standard fiber adapters (simplex or duplex) LGX plates for PON applications with the ability to house up to five 1xN standard high density modular splitters. The unit can be preloaded for patch & splice or splice & split fiber applications and supports all types of ISP cable construction. The FDH cabinet is a solid enclosure designed to protect fiber terminations from damage while allowing ease of access with its removable doors at the hinges.

The CF-FDH cabinet provides front access configuration and accommodates either riser or indoor cables via grommet entry. Cables are secured with standard grip clamps providing superior pull out strength. The cabinet also accommodates grounding for both the cabinet and metallic cable strength members.

Features & Benefits

  • Provide secure indoor environmental protection from dust, insects and other contaminants
  • Complete fiber management accommodates a wide range of fibercounts and mounting applications
  • Designed to be compact and craft-friendly to lower installation costs and accelerate construction
  • Integrated splice tray mounting offers flexible splice management for individual or full splice capacity – maximum 6 x 24F trays
  • Accommodates up to 5 standard high-density modular splitters (1x4, 1x8, 1x16, 1x32 and 1X64)
  • All front access allows for easy maintenance and access to cables
  • Beige powder coated aluminum construction with lock provides protection from tampering or inadvertent damage
  • Cabinet is stackable allowing for easy future expansion – offers cost effective, “pay-as-you-grow” deployment
  • Parking Lot capacity: 36 adapters
  • Can be configured with LGX plates, splitters, pigtails and/or pre-terminated with fiber stub cables