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Multi-Management Fiber Cassette


CF Multi-Management Fiber Cassette is an innovative Patch and Splice Module, which allows for increased patch and splice densities in an incremental growth platform ("Grow-as-you-go"). Based on the LGX 118 footprint standard, these cassettes are capable of supporting up to 24 patch and splices fibers using LC Quad adapters SC duplex footprint. The cassettes are LGX standard designed to fit into most standard wall and rack mount fiber enclosures. Each module comes pre-loaded with adapters, fiber pigtails and splice inserts.

The cassettes can be configured as a plug and play modules pre-loaded with fanout MTP-SC/LC fiber patch cords. The small footprint of the Multi-Management Fiber Cassette minimizes: space requirements, cable management, cable routing, risk of fiber damage and network cabling installation time consequently reducing the cost of deployment.

The transparent cover lets the technicians see the components inside and it is easy tool-less removable for maintenance, cleaning or troubleshooting. The MTP plug and play cassette solution allow the installer or technician to plug or unplug in/out fiber cables directly from the adapters and avoids having to access the module interior.

Features & Benefits

  • Reduces installation time
  • One cable replaces multiple cables
  • Industry Standard LGX 118 footprint
  • The cassettes complete factory pre-loaded
  • Splice Integrated splice tray removal holders
  • Up to 24-patch ports configurations
  • Compatible with all LGX System Patch Panels
  • Includes module, cover, adapters, pigtails or MTP fanout fiber patch cords, splice sleeves, and all required components for field installation