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FTTx Kit

Helipuller FTTH Kit


FTTx Cable pulling adapter for SC connectors


FTTx technicians can now perform standardized indoor installations that are faster and which minimize damages to building structures.


Helipuller is a cable pulling adaptor which can be easily field installed and removed at the end of a SCP re-Terminated cable


The Helipuller FTTh kit contains one SC Rugged tool and one SC Slim tool, along with two pull rods, packaged in a clear plastic tube.


The slim version allows for easy and safe pulls through 3/8’’ diameter holes or conduits by removing the housing on the SC connector. The rugged version requires a hole of 5/8” diameter to pull a standard fully assembled SC connector. Both version have a helical grip that clamps on 4.8mm standard ISP cable.

Features & Benefits