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Fiber Service Node Cable


The C Fiber Service Node Cable assemblies are manufactured using FFT (Floating Fibre Technology). When furcation tubes are glued to the end, or the cable fiber bending during temperature changes may cause increased attenuation. With FFT, the fibers are free to move within the transition piece and furcation tubing as the cable expands and contracts. This eliminates any attenuation changes due to fiber bending at the transition point during temperature changes.

Features & Benefits

  • FFT minimizes fiber bending and breakage from temperature
  • Cable pullout strength of 400 lbs
  • Fibres fanned out with furcation tubing
  • 10 pound connector and furcation tubing
  • Kevlar reinforced furcation tubing
  • Standard 5/8” metal grommet for input ports
  • Compact grommet to minimize protrusion outside of node
  • Bend resistant fibre available
  • Armoured central loose tube or Dielectric central loose tube
  • Available cable length 1m up to 6000 m