RFoG Fttx Mini Fiber Nodes

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RFoG Fttx Mini Fiber Nodes


PCT's BMFN-4OxxAS and BMFN-8OxxAS Forward and Return Path Transceivers for RFoG, PON and Hybrid PON network delivers advanced bi-directional, interactive RF services over a passive fiber optic distribution network. Being the first RFoG mini node in the industry with 4 and 8 RF outputs, the units are designed to operate on RFoG systems or optional overlay of RFoG systems onto Passive Optical Network (PON) systems with either a 1310 or a 1610 nm return laser version. These burst-mode mini nodes provide the freedom and flexibility to work with any PON solution that uses industry standard optical wavelengths, and serves as the optical transport layer for RF video or DOCSIS technologies.

By replacing 4 or 8 output taps and eliminating the need for additional splitting elements after the node (like traditional mini nodes with only one output), bi-directional services can be provided over extended RF frequencies while being agnostic to head-end equipment and customer premises equipment. This ensures that today's operating processes are preserved. PCT's burst-mode mini nodes provide flexibility to grow your network to meet customer demand now and into the future.

Features & Benefits

  • 4 or 8 outputs with RF spectrum to 1 GHz
  • Universal HFC set top box and head-end support
  • Transparent return path capability
  • Support most in-home applications without amplifiers
  • Direct or remote powering over 75 Ohm coax cabling