Giax IRIS™ MoCA Access™ Network Controller

Giax IRIS™ MoCA Access™ Network Controller


GiaX IRIS product-line provides Broadband Service Providers with a means to re-use the in-building and to the building Coaxial networks when deploying Fiber to the curb or Fiber to the MDU. It provides for significant OPEX and CAPEX savings whilst executing on symmetrical services well beyond the 1 Gbps.

Features & Benefits

The GiaX IRIS Network Controller, IRIS-MDU-3G-8, is an 8 port Network Controller with full featured Service Provider feature functionality targeted to the Multi Dwelling Unit market segment.

Service Providers are predominantly using fiber as a means to deploy network capacity, the challenge they are facing is that deploying fiber to the home is both CAPEX and OPEX intensive, especially when you already have an existing network of copper or coax. When deploying fiber architectures, the most expensive part is the “last mile” or rather, the access to the home and the in-home network. The most cost-efficient approach for the ServiceProvider is to re-use the in-building network.

The Giax IRIS product family allows the existing coaxial network to be used for high bandwidth symmetrical services. The IRIS-MDU-EG-8 Network controller has 8 RF ports and enables high bandwidth services of up 2.5 Gbps downstream and 2 Gbps upstream in a segment of maximum 31 subscribers per RF port. It can utilize the spectrum between 400 MHz and 900 MHz but canal so operate in a mode leaving legacy services in place by operating in the 1175MHz to 1675 MHz spectrum, it uses OFDM as modulation and is able to use up to 1024QAM.

GIAX IRIS is a solution targeted to Service Provider networks and MDUs but has many use cases.

The Giax IRIS product line is based on the MoCA AccessTM 2.5 standard and offers both the Network controller and modem, it has unique differentiating capabilities such as QoS, CoS, MEF OAM and can operate within known provisioning systems (TR69 and DOCSIS). The IRIS network controllers offer multiple densities, from 1 port to 24 ports, allowing cost efficient deployment for small and large MDUs.Next to the indoor form factor Network Controller for MDU deployments it also offers an environmental hardened Network Controller for outdoor use.