Ethernet Products



  • Reducing CAPEX investments by Enabling High Speed Ethernet over Coax
  • No need to dig Fiber for “Deep Fiber” RPHY Architectures
  • Lower OPEX cost due to shorter deployment cycles than Fiber (typically shorter than 1 business day)
  • MEF on Coax, up to 10 Gbps DS AND 10 Gbps US, Symmetrical Bandwidth
  • Overlay Ethernet network beyond the 1.2 GHz spectrum

Architectural deployment options:

  • Deep Fiber DAA and FDX deployment
  • Virtual Split for HFC Segments with RPHY
  • Extremely Low Latency Mobile Backhaul
  • CBRS backhaul
  • FTTB Business Services ands MDU – MEF or PON
  • FTTH – PON OLT Support

Features & Benefits

Highly efficient communication via limited RF resources

  • Co-existence with DOCSIS on the same cable proven

Optimum spectrum and power usage

  • Adaptive coding & modulation
  • seamless modulation change!
  • Modulation from QPSK to 1024QAM
  • LDPC block coding
  • Channel sounding & optimization

External 10G Ethernet (SFP+) connection

  • 1G, GPON, XG-PON and 2.5G Ethernet possible


Manageability via SNMP, Web, RPC